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[MOD] Online Shops Feedback Database.

Please comment if you have had a transaction (good or bad.) with any of these online shops. All reviews/comments etc will be credited on the Credits List.


Online Shops:

Howcool Boutique:

Link: http://www.howcool.com

sasword - I bought a pair of Demonia MJs from them - they were well-packaged and came within the alloted time. However, the size was too big so they're useless to me (although I was sure to know my exact European size when ordering.) So this suggests their definition of sizing is generous.

zenfu - Rather slow delivery and several items were not the ones I ordered - just ones that were close. Not too impressed, to be honest, but if nothing else, the prices are low.


Link: http://www.jpqueen.com

sasword - I've had over fifty transactions with Jpqueen all of which have been efficient, professionally dealt with and completely successfully except for one. I ordered Clara Bow #1 and #2 and was sent two copies of #2. However they immediatly replied to my email, let me keep the extra copy and sent me #1 by priority shipping. All in all I recommend them highly.

zenfu - Big fan of JPQueen, I have ordered tons and tons of magazines and mangas from them and they're always great. Quick shipping, and a big plus is that they mark the books at a lower value to help you avoid customs.

CD Japan:

Link: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp

alice_sakurada - I have ordered a couple of cd's from them and had no problems getting them. Will use again.

zenfu - A bit on the expensive side both when it comes to items and shipping, but otherwise good.

Nippon Export:


sasword - They took weeks to ship my order, but it did arrive safely.

Sasuga Books:

Link: http://www.sasugabooks.com

silverlightstar - This is where I get almost all of my manga and I love their service. They are prompt with service and will allow substitutions for items that are not in stock.

lilbluesakura - I placed an order through Sasuga books once. It took a while for them to ship the order because they were unable to find a copy of a manga that I had ordered. They had searched for about two weeks, but after they had given up, they shipped the other items quickly. The communication through the whole process was quite good. I'm satisfied with their service~ I would have no problem ordering from them again.

alice_sakurada - I ordered my copy of Chocolate and a gl bible from them and will probably be ordering another bible from them soon. No problems.

knockthedoor - I hear other people have had a pleasant experience with them, but I've never dealt with a store that had so little customer service. I ordered a gift for my boyfriend's brother there because it was cheaper than any of the other stores I could find and I'd always heard good things about them.

However, they never updated the status of my order, didn't respond to any of my emails or attempts to contact them, never sent the order out, and I certainly haven't gotten a refund. I think I'd have to be pretty desperate before I'd order from them again.


Link: http://www.hlj.com

stocking_shock - I will always go with HobbyLink from now on due to the cheapness. They have the cheapest Bibles and other mooks I have ever found.
I have used them for other items too, and their reorder system is quick. They don't bombard you with emails, but you do get informed when and how to pay, and when your item has been sent.

avant_gauche - I've ordered from them twice now and although they are cheap, they fall short in many ways the availablity of titles is terrible its also extremely patchy some titles are in stock immediatly others you have to wait ages for. They take a long time to respond to orders, payment etc. They also take a while to post things to you even when items are in stock I think the longest I had to wait between the item being paid for and receiving an email telling me it had been posted was well over a week and that was after having to wait serval days before they could tell me how much the postage would cost me. I dread to think how long out of stock items would take to deliver.


Link: http://www.cd-wow.com

ninnoh - CD WOW - I've bought cd's from cd-wow 3 times now, and i've been satisfied every time ^^
Delivery was really fast, and the cd arrived without any damage. And it is cheap <3

Amazon US:

Link: http://www.amazon.com

Amazon Japan:

Link: http://www.amazon.co.jp

sasword - The Japanese/English pages are surprisingly easy to navigate and their shipping times are definitely an overestimation. I've ordered from them several times and they're highly efficient. However I did get customs fees on all DVDs ordered from them.

redninjawinz - I love using that site. It's so easy to navigate once you get your account set up since you can't use your regular Yahoo account. The shipping was pricey but it's to be expected. Some of the items I ordered came faster than listed and on weekends.

zenfu - Same as with CD Japan, and even more expensive on the shipping if you take the fastest shipping option, but they're great for items you can't find anywhere else.

bakacherry - www.amazon.co.jp is an excellent site. It has ordering in English. It is a good place for many japanese language magazines and the like. I never had any problems ordering items from them when I lived in the US. Items arrived quickly via DHL international. Accepts major credit cards.


Link: http://www.dddhouse.com

sasword - They have very fast , reasonable shipping and the DVDs often come in lovely card case packaging. Recommended.


Link: http://www.jlist.com

sasword - I've ordered several mooks from them and they've always provided swift service with good communication.

tangerine_ - I've never had a problem with this site. I've ordered various trinkets without a problem, as well as being a part of their subcription service to several magazines [G&L Bible, FRUiTS, Kera] coming from Japan. Shipping is quick and I always got my magazines in good shape. They take good care of wrapping the magazines well, so no damage will occur. When I had to stop getting the magazines, I e-mailed them and I was taken off their subscription service relatively quickly, although it took about two e-mails to understand which ones I wanted off of. Overall, I completely recommend!

Kayiu Online Store:

Link: http://www.japgift.com

sasword - Awaiting an order from them. Ordering process was simple and communication has been good so far.

zenfu - A great source for Japanese magazines; prompt shipping and great communication. I buy from them pretty much a couple times a month.


Link: http://www.cosmates.jp

miss_lon - I have ordered several times from Cosmates. They have great communication and a friendly service. Postage is fast, they usually ship out within a day or two, unless the item is out of stock. In which case, they refund your money. Also, the price for postage is reasonable and you can choose what service you want (airmail, surface etc)

redninjawinz - This site is great. I've ordered from here a bunch of times. One thing, I'm sad about is they no longer offer the Super EMS shipping. With that option you got your purchase in about 5-7 days including weekends. I had always used that since I'm impatient and my package was always on time. They now only offer EMS which take a couple days longer but it was nice to have that rush service.

aoimizuyume - Twice I ordered from Cosmates. Once for Bodyline, and once for Bewith.
First time: I wanted the Tea Time One Piece (Bodyline), and it was out of stock, no warning on the site, but that's ok. The webmaster was quick with informing me about the situation and was able to calculate a different order.

Second time: I tried again for the Tea Time dress, it was still sold out but on the website - I saw a Bewith dress and thought it was cute, and when I received it - it was bad. Just - wrong. And later the site posted, "Good for cosplay." And it didn't hold true to Lolita fashion - yay for late notices!

To sum it all up, Cosmates as a site is lacking on taking stock and updating the website, but it is still good!
Bodyline is cute, and adorable! True to photos.
Bewith is icky and only touch the dresses with sticks to poke with.


Link: http://us.yesasia.com/en/index.aspx

silverlightstar - I ordered two CDs and received prompt service (and a freebie to boot!). I am quite pleased with them.

sasword - I find their order to shipping time rather long and annoying sometimes, but they've been efficient otherwise in all my transactions. And the free shipping after a certain amount of value per order is a great bonus.

mizerableworld - I've ordered from Yesasia and it was a preorder. It took a very long time for them to get the cd (maybe 1-2 weeks) after it was released, but shipping was slow for me (more than a week), but that might have been because I sent in a different zipcode.
However, they packaged it very nicely, with two layers of bubble wrap. I would order from them again.

redninjawinz - I enjoy ordering from them but it just takes really long and sometimes while waiting things that were there sell out. Also, I don't like how they kind of tease you with leaving up the preorder items even though you can't buy them anymore. Once they finally place your order, which can take a week to 3 weeks, shipping is pretty fast.

zenfu - Another recommendation - YesAsia is probably my absolute favorite store for CDs, DVDs and photobooks, along with some magazines. YesAsia's biggest vantage point is probably that if you order over a certain amount, the shipping is free.

JPOP Help:

Link: http://www.jpophelp.com/

cidsa - Very fast and had good prices. I've heard that sometimes they don't mark unofficial CDs properly, but I didn't have a problem and everything I received was official.

Acclimate Solution:

Link: http://aclimatesolution.com/

cidsa - This site is run by a friend of mine and he has excellent prices and very prompt shipping. Shipping can run high because of the weight of books, but he is very fair and responsive. Often sells series in sets at discounted prices. You can also ask him to buy second-hand books (from Book Off), which is cheaper for you.

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