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[MOD] Official Shopping Service Feedback Database.

This database is specifically designed for feedback about shopping services (Companies as opposed to individuals whose services can be found in the Sales Journals/Shopping Services Database.) which you can use to order items from Yahoo Japan auctions and sites which don't ship internationally. If you have dealt with these services please leave a comment and help others choose the right service for them ^_^.


Link: Rinkya.

miyavi_kuso - I always bought everything through this system. Very simple to use but the inscription is quite long. The fees seems expensive but when you order little things (1000y) there's no commission fees so I usually combine shipping. You can bid by yourself when you want and they provide a good translation system.


Crescent Shop:

Link: Crescent Shop.

lilbluesakura - I've used Crescent Shop both to bid on Yahoo!Japan auctions and as a courier service. They have a very organized system for bidding on Yahoo!Japan auctions, and their site is very easy to understand. I've ordered from them several times and I've never had a problem. Communication is good for the most part, and packages arrive extremely quickly.

mandiapple - I've used Crescent Shop several times as a courier service and have always found Masamichi to be extremely helpful and efficient, the items have arrived in excellent condition and the whole service is usually very fast. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Crescent to anyone who is looking for a simple shopping service.

cherry_siwi - The first Shopping Service I used was Crescent.
Maybe I was there at the wrong moment and they were busy or away...although it was over a 3 weeks period or so. It was fine in the first week. Answered my questions promptly and placed my bid. In the following weeks though, their replies were very slow IF they replied at all and one of my bids wasn't placed. So I asked to get refunded for my deposit which I got fairly quickly.



Link: Celga.

swan_princess - I used Celga to make an order to Angelic Pretty for a bag. The communication was slow and unclear-- I had to send a lot of emails, which made me feel stupid until I found out that many other people had the same experience. Looking back at it, they overcharged me in fees, but at the time, it had taken so long that I just didn't care.
I ended up with the wrong tote, although this may not have been their fault.

cherry_siwi - Afterwards, I used Celga and still do.
They are always quick to reply my emails either it was for placing a bid (they place bids in the last 8 hours or so of an auction) or just answering questions (and I've asked them MANY questions). They have been very friendly. Only problem was with the shipment request. If you want some particular won (auctions) items in your package, make sure to ask them if they have arrived at their offices or not yet BEFORE requesting a shipment.
But the shipments are well packaged.

diekusse666 - Just like many of you, my opinion towards Celga was always positive. But you can't absolutely come up with the final rating of customer service until you see how well or badly they take care of worst case scenarios.
Here is the link of my Celga Review:


sekiria - have used Celga to obtain New Year's fukubukuro from Beth Victorian Maiden as well as Angelic Pretty. They were courteous and prompt with the email responses, and the transaction went through smoothly.

colortheory - I've used Celga to bid on two items (one on Y!Japan auctions, and the other on Mbok). I lost the first item, so they allowed me to roll over the up-front fee that I paid in order to get them to place the bid from it to the second item (a pair of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright shoes), which I did win (if that makes any sense at all XD). I thought that was pretty nice of them. However, it took six weeks from the time I won the shoes for me to get them, and I ended up paying a LOT more than I thought I would (in fees and shipping)...for a product that was much more damaged than the original seller's photos (not Celga's fault!) let on. That was kind of annoying, but I did receive my shoes today, and they seemed fairly well taken care of on Celga's end.

magicleyla - order 2 times at celga, both times were good, always got reply on my emails within 1 day.
Got my items within 1 month.
(1 time online shop order, 1 time bidding service yahoojp)

asa_chan - I have used Celga two times to reserve dresses for me. Communication was good, I didn't run in any problems and got my two dresses just fine. They even marked down my two parcels, which was very nice of them. Another good point is that they package the items very carefully.


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