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Loligoth_Dbs Closed

Hello, all,

Unfortunately, with half of the database now missing, I am forced to close loligoth_dbs purely because adding more feedback to an inconsistent database and through an unreliable method such as LiveJournal is simply not going to work out.

Basically, hours and hours of work on this database has now been lost due to a LJ error.

LJ was not made for a full-fledged feedback system as we've tried to simulate through this community since its creation. There have been other problems in the past in additon to this large one... who's to say it will never happen again?

Until someone creates a better feedback system that *does NOT* rely on LiveJournal, the feedback system will always have a chance of being compromised as we've now seen.

All posts will now be locked and we will no longer be taking any new additions to this database.

Please thank xbiteyourtongue for keeping it up to date all this time, as she was doing it herself for a couple of months.

Regarding Good Sellers/Buyers/Traders Database: N - Z

As some of you have undoubtedly noticed, feedback for N - Z had been replaced with _ (underscore) - M. I am not particularly sure why this occurred as the last update turned out fine, so I am going to blame assume LJ had some kind of a hiccup. Unfortunately, we regret to inform you that, because I never learn from my mistakes, feedback that has been added through the course of a few months has now been lost and for that I sincerely apologize.

However, we offer a solution, and that is to reply to the post with the amount of feedback you have accrued. This notion is entirely based on the honour system, but I trust you all will do no wrong. (And if you should try to give yourselves +10209129320902, you can assume that naturally it will look a bit suspicious.)

Once again, I sincerely apologize for whatever hiccup caused this and the fact that I never learned to back anything up. (Important lesson of the day: Always, always, always back things up. You never know when it'll be important.) You are all more than welcome to send me (me as in xbiteyourtongue) angry messages and to form a petition to make me resign from being a mod of the database.

Note: users in the _ (underscore) - M category need not worry as your post is unaffected and thus up-to-date.

Update 2 for Good Sellers/Buyers/Traders Database

The Good Traders has grown too large! kuramew discovered this when she was trying to sync the Bad Traders with the Good Traders.

It has been broken up into two parts: _ (underscore) to M and N to Z. This may make it easier to see who you're looking for when on a search for a certain person's feedback. So please start commenting in the two newer posts rather than the old!

Posting feedback in the respective posts is not necessary. This post will also be updated as I think of things to add.

Update for Good Sellers/Buyers/Traders Database

As a heads up, linked usernames have been replaced with plain text for easy loading! (Unfortunately, this means you will need to manually look up a person's journal/profile, but is what we do in the name of a page that won't crash your browser.)

Using ctrl + f is highly recommended.

Feedback (about this new remedy, haha) is definitely welcome and appreciated!
Pinky Deer

Updates for June 2008!

xbiteyourtongue (especially!) and I have been working hard on the database to keep it updated and helpful to the gothic & lolita community as a whole!

Starting today, we've begun to implement a new system to leave Bad Feedback for buyers/sellers/traders that uses a non-numerical, more objective approach so that you can make your own assertions about a particular user before doing business with them.

Each negative feedback offender will be listed alphabetically on the new Bad Feedback page with links to their own entry describing the situations that have earned them such feedback. We hope that this allows members of egl_comm_sales to make educated decisions and serve as a preventive measure for sour transactions in the future.

If there are any further questions, please feel free to leave them below!

[EDIT 1:58 AM PST, June 16, 2008] The Bad Feedback database is ready for use. Thanks, xbiteyourtongue! Please leave all negative feedback on that post rather than the very old one.

Future Updates:
- Neutral Feedback Revamp
- New layout