kimmm (xbiteyourtongue) wrote in loligoth_dbs,

Regarding Good Sellers/Buyers/Traders Database: N - Z

As some of you have undoubtedly noticed, feedback for N - Z had been replaced with _ (underscore) - M. I am not particularly sure why this occurred as the last update turned out fine, so I am going to blame assume LJ had some kind of a hiccup. Unfortunately, we regret to inform you that, because I never learn from my mistakes, feedback that has been added through the course of a few months has now been lost and for that I sincerely apologize.

However, we offer a solution, and that is to reply to the post with the amount of feedback you have accrued. This notion is entirely based on the honour system, but I trust you all will do no wrong. (And if you should try to give yourselves +10209129320902, you can assume that naturally it will look a bit suspicious.)

Once again, I sincerely apologize for whatever hiccup caused this and the fact that I never learned to back anything up. (Important lesson of the day: Always, always, always back things up. You never know when it'll be important.) You are all more than welcome to send me (me as in xbiteyourtongue) angry messages and to form a petition to make me resign from being a mod of the database.

Note: users in the _ (underscore) - M category need not worry as your post is unaffected and thus up-to-date.

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