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loligoth_dbs's Journal

EGL/EGA Fashion Databases
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Welcome to the EGL Fashion Databases Community. This community was created to provide a complete resource spanning elements of EGL shopping, entertainment and literature. In the future there will also be wider databases to cover a range of Japanese alternative fashions, but for now I am concentrating mostly upon EGL, Kodona and Elegant Gothic Aristocrat. If there is a style you would like to see included please contact me.

To make this community as useful as possible if you have any information to contribute - especially magazine contents, pattern information and online seller reviews/comments then please leave comments upon the various database threads and you will recieve full credit for your imput on the credits thread.


1) Please do not spam/flame this community. All comments unrelated to the databases will be deleted to maintain a clean and easy to access resource. Discussion is however, welcomed in the Mini Guides section.

2) Please do not pass off any portion of the databases as your own work. As you can see from the credits I am not doing this myself - all uncredited work is my own.

3) All posts must be approved by a moderator - this is to keep the community easy to navigate.

Thank you and I hope this can be a useful community for all EGLs and EGAs.

5.26.08 - Currently up to date!